Active areas of research include:

  • Modeling and measuring radiative transfer in snowpack and quantifying effects of light-absorbing particles on snow albedo and metamorphism. Click here to run an online snow albedo simulator or download source code for SNICARv3, which includes new features such as snow algae, ice grains of different shapes, and carbon dioxide ice.
  • Modeling of algae impacts on surface albedo of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
  • Assessing volcano-climate interactions through Earth System Modeling.
  • Understanding green light penetration in snow, ice, and supraglacial lakes to inform ICESat-2 surface altimetry retrievals.
  • Quantifying Earth’s cryosphere radiative effect, constrained with observations and modeling.
  • Incorporating improved representations of far-infrared emission and scattering by snow surfaces and ice clouds in climate models (joint with Xianglei Huang)

Other and previous areas of research include:

  • Constraining and assessing impacts of short-lived climate forcing agents on Arctic climate.
  • Understanding impacts of biomass burning aerosol emissions on the Greenland Ice Sheet.
  • Improving the simulated vertical distributions of aerosols in the Arctic.
  • Constraining historical aerosol emissions using ice core records, combined with atmospheric transport and deposition modeling.
  • Building inventories of anthropogenic heat flux into climate model simulations.
  • Understanding aerosol influence on carbon uptake in the Amazon.